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World Heritage Institute

Center for Human Development is engaged in research and development

  • Technologies of accelerated evolution of man
  • Diagnosis and disclosure of potentials of the individual.
  • Strengthening the abilities of consciousness.
  • Restoration of strength, energy and health.
  • Increase of personal attractiveness.
  • Activation of professional skills in business and healing..

More than 20 years of experience in research and development.
For all developments, we give a 100% guarantee of the result-
 return the entire amount of payment within a year if you remain unhappy.

Andrei Argonius

Ancient Civilizations Researcher, Healing Practitioner, Heade of the Public Relations of the World Heritage Institute.

Short Bio: Andrei Argonius is the Founder and the Head of the Research Team at the World Heritage Institute. This is the International non-profitable organization that unites researches from around the world, but mainly Post-Soviet group of countries.

This team integrates the best technologies in the field or developing paranormal abilities, that were developed to train secret service officials in post soviet countries.
World Heritage Institute holds both educational programs worldwide as well as conducts research activities. The group of scientists of World Heritage institute is searching for the artifacts of past civilizations and extraterrestrial civilizations. On the bases of these research the World Heritage Institute recovers legendary technologies of mind upgrade. Such as Egyptian Rituals Through Death and others.

Andrei Argonius got his Master Degrees in both Marketing and Psychology and was organizing hundreds of seminars in sales and personal development. But being results oriented soon it got clear that long-lasting results in sales are based on personality shift.

Therefore the technologies of the number of psychology and parapsychology schools were investigated. In 2011-2016 Andrei was the leading lecturer and the Director of Parapsychology Institutes in Ukraine, Moldova and Byelorussia.

Intensified research that were conducted these years by his team in the fields of paranormal, Past Civilizations lead to systemizing and discovering the unique technologies of uncovering Human Potentials, Human Mind Upgrade.

Systemizing the investigations that were held by the Russian group of researches the technologies appeared of how to contact to Extraterrestrial Civilizations and their ‘libraries’ to get informational and energy assistance. And it started to show the outstanding results in healing and mind upgrade practice.

In 2014 the World Heritage Institute was founded and for 5 years, helping clients worldwide, published thousands of articles, researches on the topics of UFO, Ancient Civilizations, Ancient technologies of healing and mind upgrade.

About Us


The magic laboratory is a group of magicians whose composition changes periodically.
The group is engaged in the development and implementation of technology development.
These technologies are mostly developed for themselves, to solve certain problems. The best technologies are useful to many other people.
The magic group is looking for references to the technologies of the Ancients and are being developed. Examples of developments: Initiation through Death, Experience of the Monad.

QUESTION: Services of the Laboratory are based on the technology of Runes, Tarot, Reiki?

ANSWER: This is not the technology of the Runes or Reiki
We try not to intersect in technologies with other magical schools.


The Magic Laboratory - investigates and uses the development of extraterrestrial civilizations, the Lemurian civilization, the civilization of the Ases, the Aryans.
We believe that it is almost impossible to create something new in magic. And all the developments that we have are based on existing technologies.

These technologies are developed by ancient magicians, therefore the group does not appropriate the opening of these techniques and does not advertise itself.

QUESTION: Does your group of magicians belong to some particular order, or school?

ANSWER: We are a separate formation. On the Earth there are no Schools and Orders, to which we officially belong. We represent the Forces of evolution, healing. Plus, we are formally the priests of those cults, the Initiations of which we set.

But we studied and cooperated with many.
Terminology and methodological basis we use the general, which is accepted in esotericism in different cultures.
We try to tackle those tasks that are complex and unresolved in other systems. And we try. so that our technologies do not interfere with any services that other schools provide.
If we somehow intersect in interests with other systems, we apologize in advance.

PS. We are the brightest representatives of the forces of good. But there is one inconvenience in this. Active glow around the head prevents sleep us and others,))))


For any addtitional information please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/psifree and write to us: psifree.info(at) gmail.com.

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