Review - Body Tensions Map




I am grateful that you sent a Body Map to me, I was waiting for it. Accuracy - 100%. Thank!



Hello! I got a map – thank you, very interesting! Many peak values ​​coincide with the real sensations of the problem area. However, there is no understanding how to evaluate the indicator value. In other studies, you indicate that "values ​​on a 10-point scale," or "such a value of this indicator is critical," and there is not a single comment in the body map about values. Please give some gradation for a possible degree assessment.

Review: Body Map / Anna

In my Body Map, the tensions of the heart muscle were indicated (10 units). After your diagnosis I has been checked, it turns out there is really a problem :). Previously there were no problems with the heart :)

Review: Cleaning of emotional and muscle tension

In recent months I began to notice that my eyesight was falling. Tested – tension of 4 units. After working with this tension the next day, I forgot about the problem with vision. I began to see brighter and clearer, I forgot that this problem was even present. The difference is clearly felt before and after the procedure.

Review: Cleaning of emotional and muscle tension

I have severe thoracic scoliosis, although I have been involved in sports since childhood. In order to keep fit, I have to take all the big loads.

I have been diagnosed with strong tensions in the thoracic spine, 9 units. After we fixed this tension within six months, it began to level off and I began to walk much smoother.

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