Review - Health & Habbits Map




Many thanks for the diagnosis!

According to the Habits Map, everything is clear, I agree with everyone that such a map should be done at a very early age!!!!


Thank you! Received the girls' habits maps, everything is very accurate, thank you! We will regulate, remove what hinders and add positive advanced useful devotions! Thank you for your work!


The information you provided was really helpful - it confirmed my assumptions and filled in the blanks. What was especially impressive, was how accurately you described my attitude toward studying and recognized psychological complexes related to nutrition: the desire to eat (overeat) / aversion to food – it is actually those extremes that are inherent in me, like the dedication that causes insomnia and much more. A habits map is a very necessary thing to understand your complexes and relationships that you need to work on!

Thanks for the work you've done!


Thank you for the map. I will ponder on it for a long time. There are some moments that you don’t even think about, but when you look at the map - you know exactly what to work with.

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