Review - Karma & Luck Map




Thanks for the Karma map. I understood a lot about what and why exactly everything is this way and not otherwise. Up to this point, I did not understand many things. And now discovered them.


Review: Karma Map / Anna
Hello! Karma Map is just a masterpiece! Everything is clear and everything is true! My husband has everything that is indicated in the karmic chains, practically everything was there. And it is clear why some situations did not end in failure - the Guardian Angels helped. Thank you for your work!



Of course everything is clear! God, THANK TO ALL OF YOU, and everyone from above and everyone from any side, for the opportunity to clean and wash all this whole web, there was an opportunity to create a whiter, more healthy future in all senses, I cheered up, THANKS.




In general, the work, of course, is tremendous - thanks!) It is interesting and there is no end of work))) There is so much to clean up)))

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