Review - Mind Magic Diagnostics


Identification of the past subconscious experience and interests of your personality.



Diagnostics struck me with its scale, detail, scope, efficiency, explained a lot to me, and confirmed a lot, including my inner feelings. I wish I had found you before ... ❤


Thanks for the diagnostics! They answered the questions I was looking for all my life. I realized my direction of development. But you have to work a lot. Now I understand why)) Very useful information about the dedication. There is something to think about))


Good evening! Thank you very much! I got everything, so far I only got acquainted with the magic Map. Very interesting, and the main thing really coincides with my inner feelings.


The Magic Map is a very awesome thing. It is a pity that I have not ordered it before, but in the end I hung on the dedications of beauty. It not only gives information, it changes consciousness. There is a system update, after which everything starts working differently. For me, some dedications are not as effective in influencing a person as a Magic Map. I am very grateful and very pleased that in general there are such opportunities now. I love this project and masters!


Thank! I have read it. I do not even know what to say ... It's cool. And very, very interesting!


Good day. Thanks for the Map. Everything is clear in the map, plus there are explanations in the answers of others, if something is not clear you can read it there, thank you, it is very convenient. I learned a lot of new things, especially from the dedications and directions of my purpose. The Map satisfied me 100 percent. Thanks again.



Good day! I am writing you my impressions of the Magic Map. I was very pleased with the results. I will return to it for a long time, analyze it. Much cleared up. When you know your past, you better understand the present.

Impressive work on pulling past incarnations / dedications. Knowing this array, it is easier to navigate the magical traditions, and more deeply engage in what is already there.

Some of the data about myself just shook me, the realization of which will come even later! Thank you for such work!

Review: Extended Map of the Personality / Natalya

Still impressed by my Personality Map. Thank you so much!!! Immediately, everything fell into place))) Now I’m thinking about the Experience of the Monads!!! In the process of all this, my husband showed interest. Also wants a Personality Map.

Make, please!!! And a huge thank you!!!!

Review: Magic Map of the Personality / Christine

I received a Magical Diagnostics and was very surprised that in the experience of my past incarnations the management prevailed, although in this life I am a teacher and it seemed to me that this is my talent. But this gave the answer to the question: "Why I am constantly attracted by business?"

Magical diagnostics has become a turning point in my life, I went to work as a manager and ... found myself, everything fell into place, I’m doing what I like .. social realization has increased and profits are growing every month. Before that, I was in search of my calling for a long time, visited a bunch of trainings, read a lot of books. Now I understand, that if I had information about my past lives before, I would not have spent so much time on all these searches.

Sincerely grateful for the Magical diagnostics.

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