FAQ. After Mind Magic Diagnostics


QUESTION: Is it possible to jump right to reducing mental noise?

ANSWER: Mental noise is a certain mind parameter, that is caused by a number of specific complexes / stresses. Mental noise is being loud when a person tries to concentrate, to keep quite. The influence of mental noise can be measured. This is done in the "Magic card" personal diagnostics.

In ancient magical traditions, such as Castaneda works, for example, the practice with internal noise is considered to be an important part of mental practices that unlocks magical abilities.

The skill to deal with mental noise usually has been practicing for years. Internal dialogue is stopped by volitional efforts.

We get this result when removing complexes that set the internal noise.

We would recommend to start at the beginning with the regulation of the free complexes that were found on the express card, so that you can try and check how our services work.

QUESTION. 7 units of negative effect on a name is a lot, right? Can that be edited too?

ANSWER. During to our research the name occurs the great effect on the person's life and effectiveness.

The detailed information about the effect of a name and its regulation can be found at the article on our website: https://psifree.org/stress-release-technologies/influence-of-the-name-and-its-regulation.html

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