FAQ. Energy Cleaning.

Energy Cleaning

QUESTION: How does the service CLEANING ENERGY

ANSWER: To clean the power industry you need a picture of a person in full growth.
Cleaning of energy is usually carried out within three to seven days.
During this time, several cleaning cycles are carried out
energy damage, current magic strikes, damage, curses
disruptions of energy as a result of conflicts, etc., if any.

After cleaning, the condition of the energy sector is equalized, the balance of vital forces is usually restored.
Cleaning can be done for yourself, relatives or business.

Cleansing of ancient mental injuries, which several thousand years,
is carried out within the framework of the service Mental Recovery.

After the clean-up of the energy sector, we will let you know, and you can monitor your condition. More information - here.

QUESTION: And in the purge of the work is runic magic or sephirotics or?

ANSWER - in cleaning we usually do not use runes and sephirotics.
In the work correction of mental bodies is carried out through the removal of injuries of the human mental.

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