5. Food & Fitness Stress Release

1.   Food & Fitness

Review: Cleaning of complex to run /Anton:

They cleaned me a dislike for running. Now I will leave the house, and notice myself already running. It became natural to run, thanks!))


Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to overeat /Olesya:

The complex of desire to overeat I especially needed now. Since I am preparing for a fitness competition, I have all the food weighed and counted. But I always wanted to eat something else.  Already today I began to observe and already noticed that I can stop in time.

Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to overeat /Karina:

I really feel the effect, now I am even more quickly satisfied and not so greedy, I do not cram food into myself, more awareness appeared during the meal. Thank you.

Review: Cleaning of complex of desire to overeat. /Oksana:

Good afternoon, I would like to leave a review after working with the child, your masters cleaned him two complexes - the fear of hunger (discomfort as soon as you get hungry) and the desire to eat from the higher plans. I observe how the child has become more patient in waiting for food, not naughty, when he needs to wait, it became easy for him to “hold out” from lunch to dinner, and earlier, barely leaving the table, he started asking for more and more food, I just didn’t I understood how and why a child wants to eat so much! After ordering the Habits Map, everything became clear to me. Huge gratitude to you all!

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